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Since 1989, DMS (Development, Management & Strategy) Conseil offers its services around three strategic areas: innovation, health & medical development and education & research.

Today, with its 20 years of experience, DMS Conseil is positioned as a quality offer based on experience and collaboration with regular, public and private partners.

The objective of our services is to support projects in each steps of their strategic development. Whether upstream (market research, sector study), or downstream (certifications, establishment of project ,...), we provide:

DMS Conseil services Market research (multi-sectoral and multi-players)
DMS Conseil services Sectoral studies (health, innovation, sustainable development, research, …)
DMS Conseil services Feasibility studies (Eurasanté, Biotechnoca, ...)
DMS Conseil services Evaluations of regional or national policy (health, education, ...)
DMS Conseil services Other audits (device of technology transfer, ...)

"No wind is favorable to people who don’t know where they go" … Let’s start now to build a suitable road for your project!